Release Tasmota v9.4.0 Leslie

Вышел новый релиз Tasmota прошивок. Много интересного. Качать отсюда 

Changelog v9.4.0 Leslie


  • Command Sensor80 1 <0..7> to control MFRC522 RFID antenna gain from 18dB (0) to 48dB (7) #11073
  • Command SerialBuffer 256..520 to change hardware serial receive buffer size from default (256) to max local buffer size (520) #11448
  • Command SetOption126 1 to enable DS18x20 arithmetic mean over teleperiod for JSON temperature based on #11472
  • Command Backlog0 to allow execution of following commands without delay
  • Command TuyaTempSetRes 0..3 to control Tuya Temperature Set Resolution #11781
  • Commands MqttKeepAlive 1..100 to set Mqtt Keep Alive timer (default 30) and MqttTimeout 1..100 to set Mqtt Socket Timeout (default 4) #5341
  • Commands DisplayType to select sub-modules where implemented and DisplayInvert to select inverted display where implemented
  • Support for SML VBUS #11125
  • Support for NEC and OPTOMA LCD/DLP Projector serial power control by Jan Bubík #11145
  • Support for XPT2046 touch screen digitizer on ILI9341 display by nonix #11159
  • Support for zigbee lumi.sensor_wleak #11200
  • Support for dummy energy monitor using user values set by commands VoltageSetCurrentSetPowerSet and FrequencySet. Enable by selecting any GPIO as Option A2 #10640
  • Support for CSE7761 energy monitor as used in ESP32 based Sonoff Dual R3 Pow #10793
  • Support for Frequency monitoring and zero-cross detection on CSE7761 (Sonoff Dual R3)
  • Support for TM1638 seven segment display by Ajith Vasudevan #11031
  • Support for MAX7219 seven segment display by Ajith Vasudevan #11387
  • Support for MPU6886 on primary or secondary I2C bus
  • Support for multiple CCS811 sensors with baseline control (USE_CCS811_V2) by clanganke #10858
  • Allow MCP230xx pinmode from output to input #11104
  • Berry improvements #11163
  • Extent compile time SetOptions support #11204
  • Tasmota discovery as alternative to Home Assistant discovery using define USE_TASMOTA_DISCOVERY
  • Optional GUI file editor enabled with define GUI_EDIT_FILE by barbudor #11668
  • Initial support for universal display driver UDisplay by Gerhard Mutz. Enable by selecting any GPIO as Option A3 #11665
  • ESP32 Extent BLE #11212
  • ESP32 support for WS2812 hardware driver via RMT or I2S
  • ESP32 support for secondary I2C controller
  • ESP32 support for internal Hall Effect sensor connected to both GPIO36 and GPIO39 only
  • ESP32 support for LVGL 7.11 with Berry binding by Stephan Hadinger #11789

Breaking Changed

  • ESP32 partition layout changed to accomodate more file space on most and more code space on core2 and odroid-go #11746


  • TasmotaSerial library from v3.2.0 to v3.3.0
  • PubSubClient library from EspEasy v2.7.12 to Tasmota v2.8.12
  • IRremoteESP8266 library from v2.7.15 to v2.7.16
  • ESP32 core library from v1.0.5-rc6 to v1.0.6
  • TuyaMcu dimmer timeout #11121
  • Rename epaper 42 commands #11222
  • DeepSleep announcement topic #11223
  • Limit number of relay/button columns in GUI to 8 #11546
  • ADC range result from int to float using command FreqRes for decimal resolution selection #11545
  • Removed overtemp detection on external energy monitoring devices #11628
  • Redesigned initial GUI wifi configuration by Adrian Scillato #11693
  • Redesigned GUI by moving non-configuration buttons from Configuration to new submenu Consoles
  • In tasmota-sensors.bin enabled support for VL53L0X and disabled TSL2561 #11711
  • Add HLW8012/BL0937 average pulse calculation by Alex Lovett #11722
  • ESP32 tasmota32-knxtasmota32-sensors and tasmota32-lite binaries consolidated in tasmota32.bin binary


  • PN532 on ESP32 Serial flush both Tx and Rx buffers #10910
  • Light scheme related color changes #11041
  • Refactor acceleration function for shutter stepper and servo #11088
  • LM75AD detection on different addresses #11096
  • Timer loop when console is scrolled up regression from v9.3.0 #11108
  • Display exception when no file system is present #11125
  • Scripter and SML fixes #11150
  • Zigbee exception when bad frame is received #11192
  • ESP32 flash script for Odroid and Core2 #11227
  • ESP32 WS2812 bitbang support #11248
  • DS18x20 driver timing issue #11270
  • Alexa discovery in hue emulation #11415
  • HC-SR04 on ESP32 release serial interface if not used #11507
  • Alexa discovery for ZBBridge #11576
  • Telegram chat id incorrect size #11660
  • KNX energy yesterday #11718


  • ESP32 single core tasmota32solo1.bin binary can only be uploaded using the GUI as OTA upload will trigger the watchdog timer